Stephen B. Vardeman


Stephen B. Vardeman is a University Professor of Statistics and Industrial Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences Kingland Data Analytics Faculty Fellow at Iowa State University.

He is the author of Statistics for Engineering Problem Solving (ISBN 0-534-92871-4) published in 1994 by PWS Publishing (also published by IEEE as ISBN 0-7803-1118-3), winner of the (biennial) 1994 ASEE Meriam-Wiley Distinguished Author Award for an outstanding new engineering textbook.  He is coauthor (with J. Marcus Jobe) of Statistical Quality Assurance for Engineers (ISBN 0-471-15937-3) published in 1999 by John Wiley and Sons , Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis (ISBN 0534-36957X) published in 2001 by Duxbury/Thomson Learning, and Statistical Methods for Quality Assurance: Basics, Measurement, Control, Capability, and Improvement (ISBN 978-0-387-79105-0) published in 2016 by Springer-Verlag New York.

He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute and was Editor of Technometrics from 1993 through 1995.  His current professional interests include Statistical Machine Learning, Business and Engineering Analytics, Engineering and Natural Science applications of Statistics, Statistics and Metrology, Directional Data Analysis, Defense and Homeland Security applications of Statistics, Industrial applications, Statistical Education, and the development of new Statistical Theory and Methods.

Additional professional details can be found on the CV here and he can also be located on ResearchGate and LinkedIn.  His Google Scholar profile is here.  His ORCID iD is .

Known errata for the 1st printing of Statistical Quality Assurance Methods for Engineers

Known errata for the 1st printing of Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

The 2nd Midwest Statistical Machine Learning Colloquium will be held at Iowa State, Monday May 13, 2019.  Save the date and contact either Vardeman or Prof. Siggi Olafsson Co-Chairs about the meeting.  A link to a conference website is below.  At that website you will find both information about the upcoming colloquium and completed program information about the 1st (held in May 2018).


Personal Teaching Philosophy


Industrial Engineering 305

Industrial Engineering 361

Statistics 104

Statistics 231

Statistics 305

Statistics 328

Statistics 330X

Statistics 342

Statistics 415

Statistics 447

Statistics 502

Statistics 511

Statistics 531

Statistics 542

Statistics 543

Statistics 544

Statistics 551

Statistics 587 (401) (Engineering, Physical Science, and Mathematical Sciences)

Statistics 602

Statistics 643

Statistics 648


AICE Short Course on "Advanced SPC"

AICE Short Course on "Introduction to Bayesian Statistics for Industry"

AICE Short Course on "Statistics and Measurement"


Opinion Pieces:

"The Inevitable Coming Impact of Online Education on State Universities and Rational Response to What is Coming"   by Steve Vardeman and Max Morris

"Modern Applied Supervised Statistical Machine Learning from 30,000 Feet"   by Steve Vardeman and Max Morris

Slides for Colloquium Talk(s):

"Confidence Set Estimation from Rounded/Digital Normal Data" by Vardeman, Lee, and Vaca-Trigo (English Version / German Version)

Engineering and Physical Science RTG/VIGRE Technical Writing Stuff 9/14/07, 9/21/07, and 9/28/07

"New Modeling and Bayes Inference for 3-D Orientations/Rotations and Equivalence Classes of Them"

"One Statistician's Perspectives on Statistics and 'Big Data' Analytics"

"Modern Measurement, Probability, and Statistics: Some Generalities and Multivariate Illustrations"

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