LaTEX Version of the Statistics 531 Notes

I am not really a LaTEX person. I made the Stat 531 notes using a program called Scientific Word (version 3.5) that produces LaTEX. Here are the resultant files. Take these for what they are worth. I will not be able to help you use them on any system other than Scientific Word 3.5, where they work just fine. They may or may not work on your implementation of LaTEX ... good luck!

LaTEX file for V2.0 of Graduate Lectures and Problems in Quality Control and Engineering Statistics: Theory and Methods by Vardeman


Here are the (.eps) Figures for the notes (named as they are in the LaTEX file).

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.2

Figure 2.3

Figure 4.1

Figure 5.1

Figure 5.2

Figure 5.3

Figure 5.4

Figure 5.5

Figure 5.6

Figure 6.1


Last updated: 1/12/01